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Hello, my name is Victoria Jane. I have been mesmerized by the concepts of consciousness and spiritual ascension since 2009. I have been devoted to exploring the etheric connection between human awareness and cosmic law ever since. My journey quickly drew me to the phenomenon we call ‘channeling’.

Channeling is a spiritual practice of communication with ‘spiritual beings’ or other forms of consciousness which have a different perception to our dominant perspective. I believe ‘channeling’ to be one of the most fundamental leaps in human evolution.

Channeling not only aligns us with new insight to use for virtuous decision making, it also raises the expansive questions; who is the self? Is all knowledge accessible? Why do different people channel different messages? Why do spirits want to help us? Can a person or ‘being’ channel me? Is acting channeling? Why are more people than ever before starting to channel?  

Channeling opens the door to beingness and oneness within the conceptualization of ‘beings’ talking to each other and sharing energy. Learning to share is the bridge to oneness.

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