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                                 became a global practitioner as a channel, a spiritual adviser and healer through only ‘word of mouth’. Her clear ability to connect to ‘higher dimensional beings’ while confidently holding space for the recipient with her extra flare of humour, created a surge of referrals and testimonies to Victoria’s service. 

Victoria is (what is currently known as) a ‘conscious channel’. This means that when Victoria is channeling she does not leave her body, but rather willingly takes a back seat while another entity becomes (what Victoria refers to as) ‘primary host’. As a ‘conscious channel’ the spirit guides use her vocabulary and memory bank as their main material to express their akashic wisdom and perspective on the recipient’s questions.


This process merges Victoria’s insight with the ‘higher beings’ perspective which assists Victoria’s and the spirit guide’s “personal” ascension process while they are both being in service to the recipient. The merging and sharing of energy and insight in this manner is training Victoria to teach ‘conscious channeling’ as an ascension tool. 

Due to Victoria’s collaborative service with ‘higher beings’, she is continuously studying and training to keep up with the multi-dimensional knowledge of the spirit guides. Victoria has an MA Degree in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred, is an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and studied ‘Ascension’ and ‘Angelic Law’ at The Diana Cooper Foundation. Victoria also has a BA Hons in Contemporary Dance, is a Vinyasa yoga teacher and is currently creating a movement therapy and channeling technique called ‘Soul Movement’. 

Victoria can channel many different types of entities and frequencies.


At the beginning of her channeling journey, Victoria primarily channeled an ascended master called Djwal khul who is one of Victoria’s spirit guides. Yet, Victoria has a lot of fun channeling angels and galactic groups such as the ‘Galactic Federation of Light’. As Victoria is an Ascension Guide, she primarily works with ‘beings’ who are on a similar path.


Victoria also works with fragments of consciousness which have been traumatized, in order to bring them back to their source in a technique called Parts-Work (integration) or Detachment (release). In a session, Victoria could start channeling your inner child if you needed to talk to her in order to understand her needs. If a deceased family member or friend naturally comes through in the session Victoria will assess if she should channel them or be a ‘medium’ depending on the circumstances. 

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