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I am an Ascension Guide.


My aim within every session is to support and guide you back to your true essence and highest integration which activates

‘Self -Trust’.

When we speak to our spirit guides, we are reminded of who we are, and we align back with our own intuition.


The guides and I are not here to tell you what to do, we are here to remind you of what you already know. Sometimes you have forgotten a huge amount of your true essence and other times you may need help with a few blind spots; either way, your guides are continuously willing to support your process of remembering.

I am a channel, an intuitive and a psychic medium.

I specialize in connecting with ‘higher dimensional beings’ such as angels, galactic soul groups and elementals. I usually do not connect with human souls who have passed on, but if it flows naturally in the session, we will go with it.

The session will also involve an Angelic Reiki healing and DNA activation.

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Channeling Session Overview

'Release, Activation, Contemplation’


Section One : Release

After we have settled into the technology and are recording, I begin with a guided meditation. This meditation opens our energy fields so I can connect to you psychically and start the angelic reiki healing. I then consent to be a medium and begin connecting to your spirit guides. (If it is your first session with me, I will share a little insight I get from your spirit guides at the beginning to build trust between you and my abilities and integrity). Then it is your time to share your current circumstances and process, the guides and I will ask you questions which help you release any old energy and confusion, and I may facilitate this release with sounding and light language.

Section Two : Activation

This is the fun bit!! We settle gently back into our previous meditation together so I can connect more deeply. I then open myself as a channel and your spirit guides come into my house (my body) and use my vocal cords and vocabulary to communicate and interact with you. They are usually very excited about this communing and they tend to speak very quickly before you have asked any questions (which is why we record the session). The guides may speak in light language at first and then the guides will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. You can ask anything.

Good areas of inquiry are:

Life Purpose

Decision Making


(I am not a medical medium, yet I can channel the consciousness of body parts)

Section Three : Contemplation

We begin section three by disconnecting from the guides and the healing energy and protecting our separate fields. We discuss the information that came through and I usually will ask you to share your experience so you can tune into your own intuition and clarity. I will also share any images I saw while the guides were speaking.  Openly discussing intuitive insight and prophetic knowledge is a key ingredient in divination, as it grounds integration and ‘self-trust’, elevating your unique mastery of ascension.  

Exchange : £100

* If you require a translator, please book your session through email with this request HERE *

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